Centennial Celebration Project

Let’s come together to Celebrate the exciting 2025 APO Centennial Convention! We’re reaching out to our amazing alumni with a fun patch sale to strengthen those alumni bonds. Brothers can fundraise for the 2025 Centennial Convention expenses by selling Chapter Patches to friends, family, and alumni.

We are creating a cool space to trade chapter patches and build Brotherhood beyond our chapters. And to top it off, we’re crafting a special piece to celebrate our fraternity’s centennial. Join in the fun and support our journey!

All sales of chapter patches directly benefit the chapter they represent. Sales of inactive chapters will benefit the Jamie Conover Stewart, Build a New Chapter Fund, and Closed schools/chapters will benefit the Eagle Scout Scholarship fund.

  • Apr 15, 2024, Early Bird Ends & Regular Pricing Begins
  • Nov 30, 2024, Standard Pricing Ends & Late Pricing Begins
  • April 15, 2025,  Final Deadline – no registrations after today
  • April 30, 2025, Order counts & Payment Due
  • Sept 2025, Delivery to chapters
  • Dec 2025, APO 100th anniversary Centennial Convention

Steps for sucess

  • 1. Work with APO Eagles to design a custom patch for your chapter/university.
  • 2. Advertise the patches to friends, family, and alumni and take orders.
  • 3. Deliver patches and keep the extra money.
  • 4. Attend NC2025 in Philly

If you would like to request a sample design of a chapter’s patch, please contact hgbarnes+ccpp@apoeagles.org. Please include the chapter name, number, school, and the iconic structure associated with the school.

To reserve your limited edition Centennial celebration patches must register and pay the design fee as indicated below.

As we get questions we will add them, so you will have them to refer to.

  • Why are you choosing patches for this project? As an alumni association initially formed by former Scouts, most of our members (and your prospective members) are familiar with patches. in scouting, all right hatches represent membership, rank or position, or participation in events. Many Scouts trade patches as a Fellowship activity when meeting other Scouts.
  • Why now? Simple the fraternity’s 100th anniversary is coming in 2025 in Philadelphia. PA. The project has a dual purpose. We want every chapter to be at that convention, and to do so we are attempting to remove the biggest barrier to chapters, and that is funding. Second, unless you have been recently active Alumni may not realize we are upon this prestigious milestone. What is a better way to promote the anniversary than to reach out to alumni?
  • Can we design our patch? Because of the nature of the set, many parameters are already set. Chapters may make suggestions or recommendations on the iconic building. If a chapter would like to design a separate patch for its use we would be happy to help!
  • Can you use the photo of the xyz building that the school shows on its website? No, because of the nature of this project, we must use photos that are available in the public domain or are taken for this specific project. You may suggest any photo that is in the public domain.
  • Do we need to use your sales portal? The chapter does not need to use our sales portal, you may sell them however you wish. We offer it simply because there are collectors who do not have contact with your chapter and would be interested in purchasing. The chapter will get credit and funds from these sales.
  • Why are you hosting a sales portal? Chapters may not have the infrastructure or the ability to host a store of any sort. We have invested in the technology and have demonstrated our ability to deliver products. Also by having all of the patches available in one store the likelihood of alumni buying more than one goes up tremendously especially since have to contact another chapter or try to find contact information.
  • Does my chapter contact have to be the chapter president? No. The chapter may designate any individual to be the primary contact, it can be inactive, an advisor, or even an alumni to oversee the project. As this project spans over 3 semesters, a chapter with transition plans may be more successful.
  • Do we have to sell them for $20? No, you can sell them at a chapter level for as much or as little as you wish. Sell to active at one price and sell to alumni at another price. The $20 price is set in our sales portal for all chapters, regardless of what you sell them for at the chapter level.
  • Can I get a copy of our image without the draft watermark? Yes, once the chapter has paid the design fee, we will send the contact person an unmarked image for the chapter’s use.
  • When will I get my patches? All patches will be produced in the summer of 2025. Sales for the online store and the chapter in the fall of 2025
  • What is the size of the patch? While designed after a two-piece top and bottom set, it is a single patch measuring 5 inches by 6.5 inches
  • How much will these patches cost the chapter? Well, that depends on the amount of patches sold. We will include our store sales, collection sales, and chapter sales when calculating the amounts.
  • What can I do with my patch?
    • It can be used in various displays and recruitment events.
    • Patches of this style are often sewn on jackets and bags
    • Create a collection by trading your patch with other chapters and brothers to get the whole set.
    • Use them to make awards or membership plaques.
    • Use them as thank-you gifts with community and University officials to promote your chapter and the work of the fraternity.
    • Give them to a youth in order to introduce them to Alpha Phi Omega.
    • Provide them as mementos to graduating seniors.



While not everyone collects patches, they are an excellent item to give as gifts and for r recruitment. Patches are fully embroidered, 5in by 6in. There is a minimum order quantity that must be reached to have them produced. any chapter that does not reach MOQ will be refunded.


While not everyone collects patches, they are an excellent item to give as gifts and for r recruitment. Patches are fully embroidered, 5in by 6in. There is a minimum order quantity that must be reached to have them produced. any chapter that does not reach MOQ will be refunded.



Pins can be made available, there is a minimum order quantity of 100. Please contact us for pricing and what additional requirements may exist. Because of the MOQ they’re NOT available through the website.

Images displayed above are for illustrative purposes only. All photos used are in the public domain.