Q. How do I find a chapter on my campus

A) check out the chapter locator to find contact info for a chapter. Click Here

A) if there is not a chapter on campus, you and a couple of friends could make it happen. Fill out this form. Then let us know at and we will make sure the right people get in touch

Q) Where can I get more info on NESA, APO, and APO eagles

About Alpha Phi Omega

About National Eagle Scout Association

About BSA Alumni Affiliate

About APO Eagles

Q) I joined the Facebook group, am I a member of the alumni association?

A) No. Members need to formally join through using the portal at www.jamboree.apoeagles.org/joining . Life membership is the association is $30 (1/21) and you receive your membership pin.

Q) How do I join the Alumni Association?

1.Pay the one time $30 registration fee using https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/APOEagles/30 and not it is for membership

2. Go to https://www.apoonline.org/eagles/register.php and create a profile on the APOonline platform

3. Follow the instructions emailed to you to set up your account

Q) I pledged a long time ago and never was a scout. My kid is now involved and is an eagle or is earning their eagle. Can I be a member?

Q) I only made it to star as a scout but loved my time as a brother. Can I join?

A) Yes. So our primary mission is to bring together brothers or eagle scouts have a category of membership for those who support people scouts. Do you believe in the mission vision and values of an eagle scout and are willing to promote alpha phi Omega to the greater scouting community and you can join as a supporter in the association.

Q) I earned my eagle many many years ago and never heard about APO in college. I am clearly too old to back to school. Can I join or become a brother?

A) Sort of; Any one can join our Facebook group and see what we are up to.

If you’re not a brother there is really only one method to become an brother with out being a student, by becoming an advisor. Every chapter is required to have at least 1 scouting or youth serving advisor. You can use the chapter locator to find the closest chapter to you. Click Here

If there is a school close to you, you could be the seed to start a new chapter, especially if you know students on campus. Please go here and fill out this form

Q. I am currently an active brother and an eagle scout … When can I join?

A. Well anytime to be honest. Once you are an active brother at some point and for some reason you will be an alumnus. If you join as a student you are an associate member of the AA. We want your experience as a student to be with your chapter so you won’t get all the communication and privileges till you graduate… But we will still send you our cool pin.